Microsoft Teams vs Google Classroom

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

Many classrooms have been going digital as of lately, using websites such as Google Classroom to give and submit work. Although Google Classroom is more well known, other websites like it exist such as Microsoft Teams. Teams has become quite popular on its own, so the question stands: Which is better?

Although both are equally functional, there are some notable differences between them. Google Classroom has the added function of linking a Gmail or Google account to it, allowing people to get notifications sent to their Gmail account. A similar function is available in Teams, however it takes extra steps to set up.

Google Classroom is also able to connect with other Google apps, such as Google docs, and Google drive. This allows for concise transfer of files between such apps. Continuing with the trend, it is possible to do this with Teams, albeit a more time consuming process.

As for popularity, Google Classroom in undoubtedly the most frequently used out of the two. The reason for this is the fact that it is so accessible. If someone has a Google account, they have a google Classroom account.

Teams does have some better qualities than Google Classroom. Teams has a much more fluid layout than Google Classroom, so swapping between “teams” is quite easy compared to moving between classes in Google Classroom.

Teams has an integrated chat mechanic, similar to programs such as Skype and Discord. This allows for easy communication between teachers and students and allows group projects to be done in an easier and concise manner.

Another void that Teams has filled is a schedule for events. While it is entirely possible to manually make in a separate document for Google Classroom, Teams has a feature that allows a “team” to create one and it will notify them when something on there has come up.

As a majority of teachers have almost never used these tools before, many turn to Google Classroom due to its accessibility. However, it might be worth it to give both an equal chance and find which is better for the purpose they wish to fill.

Kiley Michaud, English teacher, uses Google Classroom. “I hardly ever use it, and when I do it’s for a single essay. I don’t need something advanced, just something that allows people to turn in their work,” Michaud says.

Both Google Classroom and Microsoft teams have their positives and negatives, but both are effective learning tools. Google Classroom is better for accessibility, and Teams is better for functionality.