Next generation of cheerleaders

Emily Gray, Reporter

Forty six members were selected to become part of the Olathe South Cheerleading team on Friday March 22.

       Clinics were held last week on Wednesday and Thursday where the candidates learned routines and had mock tryouts to prepare them for the real tryouts on Friday.

       Rachel Jetton, the head cheerleading coach, helped the senior cheerleaders come up with the routine that was used in tryouts.

       “The seniors usually take things from competition pieces in the past and skills from their freshman year,” Jetton stated.

       All grade levels tried out with the same routines and dances. This is the first year that sophomores could make varsity and freshman could make junior varsity (JV).

       For tryouts, the candidates were split up into groups of three based around the same grade level.

       Each candidate had to show toe touches, front hurdler, two connected jumps, and any tumbling skills that they had. They also had to complete a cheer on their own.

       After each candidate showed off their skills, all three candidates together completed an offense or defense cheer, along with a dance.

       Candidates were scored on different qualifications like spirit, memorization, and attitude during the clinic by the coaches.

       Judges looked for qualifications like coordination, confidence, and execution.