TV castings should be more diverse


Khadija Ceesay

     For years, Hollywood has been putting out unnecessary films featuring a predominantly white cast even when there clearly needs to be more diversity. Fashion has also been upsetting in that they use white passing models like Kendall Jenner and dress them up in culture appropriating outfits and hairstyles.

       To say there are perfectly good African-American, Asian, Indian, etc., models and actors in the industry who are willing and capable to do the same work as white passing people is an understatement.

       La Llorona, for example, is an upcoming film about the Latin American legend that has been passed down from generations of Latino families about a young woman who supposedly drowned her children after finding out her husband has become unfaithful. The casting of the movie has received a lot of criticism because the main characters who face La Llorona’s curse are white instead of Latino.

       Linda Cardellini plays the main character whose children are in danger and faces backlash for “whitewashing Mexican culture.” People are also upset because Cardellini plays a social worker instead of the story being told from the point of view of a Latino family.

       The story would sell better from people who have heard first-hand about these stories and have had the story told to them through parents and grandparents.

       Shows like “On My Block” have gotten similar tension because the main actress, Ronni Hawk, is white and plays a Latino teen whose parents run the risk of getting deported.

       This type of white biased casting is detrimental to the more diverse populations because it shows absolutely no representation within the shows and movies that we choose to watch every day.

       The movie Crazy Rich Asians is a great example of cultural and racial typecasting while still keeping in the bounds of what any and every one would enjoy. This movie shows a cast of those of Asian descent from different parts of Asia, and even Asian-Americans.

       TV is not the only place that we need to up the appearance of diversity, but also in magazines and modelling. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have received backlash because of a few pictures they have posed appropriating African-American culture.

       The stars have been seen darkening their skin, wearing afro wigs, and even enunciating the size and shape of their lips to make them seem more black.

       There are many beautiful, diverse, and capable models and actors out there to play the right parts and represent people of all kinds.

       All cultures, sexualities, and body shapes deserve to be represented in every day life and we have a long way to go to make our world more inclusive.