Kobach runs as republican candidate

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

Kris Kobach, the republican candidate for the governor of Kansas, and Willis Hartman, his running mate, plan to change and refine laws in the state.

Kobach graduated from law school and was a law clerk, until the events of Sept. 11, when he was put in charge of the Department of Justice. In 2010, he was elected for the Secretary of State of Kansas.

If elected, Kobach plans to address topics such as jobs, education, welfare reform, political corruption, term limits, taxes and second amendment rights.

Kobach plans to keep “taxes and regulatory burdens low [and] bring high-paying jobs to hard-working Kansans,” according to kriskobach.com. Through this plan he hopes to bring better jobs to people who want them.

Kobach’s approach to public education is to ensure that “75 percent of education funding is spent in the classroom.” Currently there is 53 percent of education funding going towards Kansas schools.

The changing of taxes is one of Kobach’s goals. During his term as Secretary of State, his office was able to “[cut the State’s] budget from $7 million, to $4.6 million…[without] cutting services.”

As a widely discussed topic, Kobach plans to address second amendment rights by “fight[ing] to safeguard and defend [Kansan’s] right to keep and bear arms.”

Kobach stated on his Twitter account that he “will lower…electric rates…to make Kansas more affordable to Kansan families.” Kobach has stated that he has plans to make taxes less daunting to citizens, as stated on kriskobach.com.

Kobach’s running mate, Willis Hartman, is currently a business entrepreneur, even earning the title “Businessman of the Year” by the Wichita Business Journal. He has previously worked in advertising, and is currently a lifetime member of the NRA and the Wichita Chamber of Commerce.