Building a computer is more cost efficient

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

As newer games come out with astonishing graphics and higher requirements to play them, it is no surprise that computers have become more expensive in recent years. Most people will buy gaming PCs for prices up in the $3000’s, but is it worth the convenience over building a computer for significantly less money?

Building a computer sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. The difficult part of building one is having the correct tools, and parts to make one. Parts can be purchased at computer shops, or even on internet services, such as Amazon.

One of the more apparent reasons to build over buy is the cost of the final product. As stated earlier, some of the newer computers reach exorbitant prices of over $3000. Antonio Monteleone, junior, built his computer, which is on par with a CyberPower PC from 2016, for under $1500.

Most pre-built computers will usually have some sort of issue in the first year. Aaron Popevis, junior, said “My old computer consistently had problems… but after I had built my own computer, I have almost never had [one].” The experience of assembling a computer from scratch can get a person familiar with the process, and fixing problems with a computer can become easier.

As the years go on, and computers become more expensive, building a computer will become more and more cost efficient.