Business academy prepares students

Emily Gray, Reporter

Selena Umana and Jackson Lindamood, sophomores, joined the Business & Finance academy with jobs in the business field in mind.

“I like how I’m making new friends that will be with me throughout high school,” Umana said.

The academy consists of projects, workbooks, and competitions. Projects build off of each other but are based on different jobs. Projects are usually week long, ending with a PowerPoint presentation at the end of the week. Students are graded for the PowerPoint and the presentation.

During projects students can work individually or with a partner.

Students are required to compete in at least two competitions year.

They have the option to do either DECA or BPA, Business Professionals of America.

DECA and BPA are competitions that students take place in to prove their business knowledge.

Umana placed 4th in state last year for BPA.

“Competitions are very business-like. I’ve only done BPA and it’s a test environment that is very quiet,” Lindamood stated.

In a typical class period, students work on accounting workbooks and learn new accounting problems.

“Not much free time goes into the academy, most of the stuff we do gets done in class,” Umana said.

Students are also required to do a certain number of e-hours by the end of their high school career.

E-hours are hours outside of school that help prepare you for the business field.

Students also go on field trips every year to learn about different businesses and how they function.

Getting into the academy is a simple process. Students fill out an application and get called in for an interview in the winter.

“The biggest advantage of being in the academy is being ahead of the curve and having knowledge others do not have,” Lindamood said.

The academy is preparing students for not just one job but for multiple jobs in the business and finance fields like accounting, economist and entrepreneur.

It also gives students opportunities outside of school that most students do not have, such as an internship.

During junior year, if the student meets the requirements with grade and the number of e-hours they have accumulated, the academy helps the student find an internship in the business and finance field and helps prepare them for an interview.