New England Patriots hand Kansas City first loss of season

Tristan Allen, Editor-in-chief

The New England Patriots handed Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, and the Kansas City Chiefs their first season loss in an exciting 40-43 Sunday Night game on Oct. 14.

Harrison Butker, Chiefs kicker, started the game off by making a 42-yard field goal in the first quarter. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots kicker, came right back with a 48-yard field goal to even the score. Sony Michel, Patriots running back, had a four-yard rushing touchdown. Butker made a 43-yard field goal afterwards.

Julian Edelman, Patriots wide receiver, received a 17-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback. Butker made a 24-yard field goal, and Michel wrapped up scoring for the first half with a one-yard rushing touchdown.

Kareem Hunt, Chiefs running back, caught and ran a 67-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to start the third quarter. Gostkowski scored a 24-field goal on the following drive, and Butker made a 30-yard field goal after that. Tyreek Hill, Chiefs wide receiver, caught a 14-yard touchdown pass to end the third quarter.

Gostkowski made a 39-yard field goal to start the fourth quarter. Hill caught another touchdown pass, this time from 1-yard, giving the Chiefs their first lead since the start of the game. Brady ran the ball four yards for a touchdown, and Gostkowski made a 50-yard field goal. Hill caught and ran for 75 yards and a touchdown with three minutes left in the game to tie New England, but that was enough time for New England to get Gostkowski in position to make a 28-yard field goal and run out the clock.

Kansas City’s first loss can be attributed to several bad plays on defense. Breeland Speaks, linebacker, had a hold of Brady on one snap late in the fourth quarter, but he let go of Brady, which let him sneak through the pocket into the end zone and score six. This was a rookie mistake, although Speaks is a rookie. Still, those kinds of mistakes are inexcusable.

While this weakness on the Chiefs’ defense did not necessarily lose them the game, they did allow 173 rushing yards. Kansas City left holes for the offense to exploit in the running game.

There were also several receptions for big gains that the Chiefs’ defense should not have allowed. Despite their performance against Jacksonville the week before, fans should understand that the Chiefs’ secondary unit is weak without Eric Berry, safety.

The poor secondary unit combined with the big holes they leave on the line of scrimmage can be exploited by a high-power offense, such as the Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, who they face in week 11.

Mahomes still had a decent game, though. He completed 23 of his 36 passes for 352 yards. He passed for 12 yards more than Brady, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. While he added two more interceptions on Sunday, he also passed for four touchdowns.

Hill received for 142 yards and caught 7 of his 12 passes. He also received for three touchdowns. Hunt, running back, received for 105 yards and a touchdown on five receptions. Travis Kelce, Chiefs tight end, and Sammy Watkins, Chiefs wide receiver, should have performed better. Combined, they only have 79 yards on seven receptions. They were targeted for a combined 13 times.

Kelce and Watkins should receive for around a combined 95 yards per game if the Chiefs want to win games.

The rushing offense also lacked a little. Kansas City only ran for 94 yards on 17 carries. Hunt led the way with 80 yards on 10 carries. He averaged eight yards per carry.

If Mahomes never has a 400-yard or better passing game, the rushing offense should tally at least 110 yards to win games.

On the upside, the game was still close, despite several key players on the defense sitting out due to injury. Eric Murray, safety, Berry, Justin Houston and Tanoh Kpassagnon, linebackers, all sat out against the Patriots.