College Now, AP testing offer college credit hours to students

Emily Gray, Reporter

College Now and the Advanced Placement (AP) test can both be good options for students taking AP classes.

For both options students are eligible for up to six hours of college credit.

The biggest difference between the two credit options is how the student earns the credit for the course.

Enrollment in Johnson County Community College (JCCC)will earn college credit at a price of $279 per semester.

Essentially the students will be taking a college class in a college setting.

The grade earned in class will be the grade earned at JCCC.The AP test is taken at the end of  the year, costing $93.

The AP test can only be taken once however, so the grade received at the end is the score the student earns.

Amy Iwert is the counselor in charge of College Now.

“Some students choose AP over College Now because it is a little less expensive and it is the most transferable credit.” Iwert said.

Colleges are particular about which, if any, option they allow to be transferred to their school.

If a student is looking to go to a certain university outside of state, it would be advisable to check the college’s website to see what is accepted where.

Generally, schools in the Midwest will accept JCCC College Now credit while at schools farther away will accept the AP test more.

Which option the student chooses should be based on where the student would like to go.

“Students should consider how things will transfer into the institution they plan to graduate from and if a high stakes test is something he/she will perform well on,” Iwert said.

“Students should check the Transfer Guides on JCCC’s website to see how their courses will transfer and look up the AP score requirements for the university they plan to attend.” said Iwert.