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Board adopts new policy on vaping

Aly Gad, Reporter

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One of the most popular trends among teens, is actually extremely dangerous, and is being cracked down on by the district. 

Everyone and their mom has heard of JUUL-ing. The risky new vaping device -disguised as a hard drive- Has made vaping in the bathrooms, halls or even in class, very easy. But are people aware of the facts about JUUL-ing? 

Each pod contains the same amount of nicotine that is in an entire pack of cigarettes. 

JUUL and other vaping products were created for people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes, it is supposed to help them cut down on smoking, because for someone who smokes a pack a day, vaping is the safer alternative. 

Somehow that got translated into, vaping is overall a safer alternative to smoking, when really it’s the complete opposite. And in the end started a new generation of teens being addicted to nicotine.

Recently there has been a rule change across the Olathe School District, the first time a student is caught vaping, it is a 3-day suspension. 

Mr. Mervosh, an assistant principal at Olathe South, let me in on the new rule change and what to expect, “-And that goes for any tobacco products, whether it’s just regular cigarettes or chew or whatever. 

It escalates to five (day suspension) if there’s a second offense.” 

Falcon 50 was also affected by vaping becoming super popular, “We’ve closed a few of the restrooms down the far ends of some of the hallways. But there are still plenty open. But that is to curb some of that behavior.”  

Recently the FDA, reached out to big companies like 7-11 and Walgreens, and issued a 60 day warning. 

Those companies now in 60 days have to cut down on the selling of vapes to minors. 131 of those big businesses were issued fines by the FDA as well, ranging from $280 to $11,200. 

Some people believe that the FDA cutting down on vaping could drive people back to smoking cigarettes, others believe that the FDA should go farther, do more for this cause. 

On Wednesday the 12th, the FDA announced that some vaping products are on the market illegally. 

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Board adopts new policy on vaping