Students prepare for ACTs, SATs

Faith Holliday, Feature Editor

With school back in session, testing season is just around the corner.

Oct. 10 is national test day for all Olathe Public Schools. Students will have the opportunity to take the practice SAT or the PSAT.

Amy Brown, counselor, has some advice for test takers. 

“My  advice for first time test takers would be to sign up for test prep a couple months in advance and get as much practice in as possible. In addition, it is always good to remind students to get good rest the night before and eat a good breakfast the morning of the exam,” Brown said.

Many students are unsure whether to take the ACT or the SAT.

“Generally speaking, there are not necessarily benefits of taking one over the other since they are both widely accepted,” Brown said. “However, we would always recommend that a student check with the college he/she will be attending to determine which exam they will accept for automatic admissions,” 

“The ACT and SAT are both acceptable exams for automatic admissions into most universities; however, the ACT is more commonly taken for students who plan to study in the Midwest,” Brown said. “I would say the SAT is more common on the East and West Coast,”

There are many opportunities that our building provides for students wanting to take the ACT. 

“We have all of those opportunities listed on our counseling website. Our building does not provide opportunities for SAT test prep, but we have several community resources available to our students,” Brown stated.

The PSAT can qualify juniors for National Merit Scholar.

“If a student is chosen as a National Merit Scholar, the SAT has to be taken in order to move on as a National Merit Finalist,” Brown said.

The next ACT exam will be on Oct. 27. The registration deadline for this date is Sept. 28.