West hosts College Expo night

Khadija Ceesay, Opinion Editor

Olathe West High School hosted a College Expo night on September 17. 

Welcoming many different universities and colleges from around Kansas, Missouri, and even Iowa. 

Students from places like Gardner Edgerton High, Shawnee Mission, and Blue Valley North gathered to receive information about things like financial aid, scholarship benefits and to learn more about campus life. 

They were also highly encouraged to attend visits, and each school had its own set of flyers and pamphlets or attention getting items to peek their interests. 

Some tables even had a barcode that students would take a few minutes to sign up for with their information so that the colleges could scan them, recieve their information, and contact them later on.

There was also a short survey that every high school student was eligible to take to put their name in for a chance to win prizes like a macbook, or a $75 itunes gift card. 

These types of events are highly beneficial towards junior and seniors because it allows them a chance to meet with different kinds of people with all different types of connections. 

College admission counselors were able to persuade students and give them information that they wouldn’t have known had they just gone to their website.

The one on one process of this event helped students of all kinds to communicate with the school and even receive wavers on admission dates if they talked to the admission counselors directly. 

Many counselors had expressed the fact that they wish they would have had events like these when they were looking into colleges. 

They also commented that the types of schools they represented changed their lives and that they strongly believe their school would be a great fit for all kinds of people. 

Overall, the event was very family friendly with lots of information for parents to attain and to help them get a better feel for the colleges their kids may be applying to.

This event is something that brings people together to help them plan their futures, and learn about the different aspects of college. 

Events like these are crucial to ensuring students get the greatest possible help in securing their future and a beneficial way for colleges around the country to promote their schools.