Stress increases because of pressure

Khadija Ceesay, Opinion Editor

Stress is a constant and growing issue within our society that continues to affect the lives of many young people, especially as they advance with school and throughout college. 

Things like work, extracurricular, and family life can have a big impact on students. 

Piles of homework continue to stack up each day and attribute to the high expectations from parents and teachers.

Sometimes it gets to the point where even one day of missing classes for something such as an illness. Many students also miss days due to doctor’s appointment. 

Missing days results in mass amounts of stress among students.

Students are succumbing depression, anxiety, and panic because of such weight that school imposes.            

There are less kids going out to socialize but rather bottling up in their houses to study for multiple exams at once.

Hailey Allison, senior, says that she is almost always stressed because of work.

There are also many ways that people deal with stress. Allison said, “I bake a lot, and watch YouTube, and vines to calm myself down”

Allison suggests, like many others, that to cope with stress people should find a hobby that they truly enjoy. 

Finding a hobby would keep students involved and distracted from the pressure that school constantly provides. 

By finding something that students enjoy to put a bit of their effort into it, they find a way to calm themselves down from the pressures of everyday life.

Lilee James, senior, is also quite stressed.

To cope with things like being involved in many demanding clubs and activities, she cooks to keep herself occupied. 

“I have a lot on my plate because it’s senior year, and I don’t want to disappoint my parents” James said. 

James pointed out that because she cooks a lot when she’s upset, her family fridge is overflowing.She says her family has “like four tubs of things that I’ve made in my house because I cook a lot”. 

Abigail Dearing, sophomore, says she is also stressed because of the pressures and expectations of school. 

She copes by “crying a lot” and advises other people to not follow in her steps and find the best way to cope with the pressure.

Though many students give good advice to deal with stressful situations, they often do not follow through with them. 

The weight that school, work, and extra activities puts on students has become too much for them to handle and only continues to be a problem.

Students should be given the opportunity to socialize and participate in activities while still doing amounts of homework that doesn’t come in giant, stressful, pressue filled chunks.