New teachers feel at home

Emily Gray, Reporter

This year, 21 new teachers arrived on Aug. 3.

Adam Myer, Business and Computer Technology teacher, has been teaching for five years.

“Students seem to be very involved and supportive of all activities. I think the whole school is either in orchestra, band, or choir.” Myer stated.

Brett Hartin, English teacher, has been a teacher for eight years.

“Since I was here before, being back is like coming home. Even though I left in 2012, when I returned it was like I had only been off for summer break,” Hartin said.

For Carissa Kemnitz, art teacher, being a first-year teacher has had a wonderful experience so far.

 “So far I have felt very welcome. The staff is very supportive and the student body is very respectful,” Kemnitz said.

Lesley Wilson, social studies teacher, has been a teacher for 20 years.

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have had a very good start to the year,” Wilson said.

Bailey Hightower, language arts teacher, is enjoying her first-year teaching.

“Olathe South is different from other schools that I have been in because as soon as you walk through the door, you know you are with family, people who share the same mission and goals for one another,” Hightower stated.