Freshmen get fired up during first day

Megan Stoerman, Reporter

The backpacks were nestled by the door with care and a gaggle of high school freshmen tucking into their beds with dreams of hallways and classes dancing in their heads.

The incoming class of 2022 arrived at school on August 16. Many were excited and others a bit nervous. Students were awaited at school with teachers, administration, and even some upperclassmen. The Falcon Mentors were present this day along with the Falcon Flight Crew, and StuCo.

When the freshmen arrived, they went into the South gym, picked up their name tags, and caught up with friends before they were quickly whisked away into the auditorium. Clint Albers, principal and other staff filled students in on what it means to be a falcon. Next, students headed into the gym again where they played games and met their Falcon Mentor. Falcon Mentors are upperclassmen who will mentor and aid the freshmen throughout the school year. Later, students went on a tour of the building, played games with their Falcon Mentors and ate lunch.

Molly McBride, freshman, thoroughly enjoyed the day. McBride said that her favorite part was “meeting a bunch of new people and getting the feel of Olathe South pride.”

The pep assembly at the end of the day really boosted the crowd and showed freshmen what it means to have a pep Falcon assembly. Matthew Tolman, freshman, said that his favorite part about the pep assembly was when the upperclassmen boys danced their planned choreography to popular songs.

The freshmen first day provided students with a way to grow closer to peers and start anticipating the rest of the year like McBride who says that she is looking forward to “growing with the freshmen class.”