Seniors enjoy day at Power Play

Seniors try out a virtual reality game.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

The senior outing is a long upheld tradition that upperclassmen participate in on the Monday after prom. It is supposed to be held to replace the old tradition of senior skip day.

Approximately 220 members of the Senior Class filled out a permission slip, paid the $10 fee, and arrived at Power Play for a day full of activities including lunch.

Lily Mahoney, senior, enjoyed the outing along with her fellow classmates.

“My favorite part was getting to do laser tag,” she said, “All of my friends got to be on one team together, and it was pretty exciting!”

There were different arcade games, go-kart racing, laser tag, bumper cars, and a myriad of other activities to participate in throughout the day.

While it already one day off of school, seniors still felt the need to skip an additional day of school to honor the tradition.

Kate Looney, senior, didn’t go to the outing, but still understands why people skip a second day in addition to the school mandated one.

It brings to question why the senior outing exists if students will skip anyway, and if there’s any way to stop students from taking the day off.

“There’s probably not a way to stop it, unless they gave a detention to everyone,” Looney said. “It’s too hard to find who needed punishment versus who was actually sick or doing something else.”

Regardless of the unofficial skip day, the senior outing will stand, and continue to be a tradition that helps seniors relax at the end of the year.