Ethics conference to be applauded

Unless you were one of the 130 Olathe South students who attended the Olathe Ethics Conference on Friday, Nov. 7, you probably don’t know what a good thing you missed.

It was held by the school’s Professional Careers Academy. 100 more students from around the school district also were able to attend.

PCA students get opportunities to help lead sessions throughout the day to many students and teachers, talking about ethics that students not in the program don’t get access to.

Such as Anthony J. Gray, CEO of the Global Ethics Institute, who was the keynote speaker at the conference. K-State’s leadership ambassador students and professionals from the Kansas City area were also there to speak

Megan Myers, junior, who attended last year and helped facilitate this year, said that both years were a lot of fun.

“The purpose of the conference was to promote ethical decision making as a skill set that can be learned and practiced, making for improved decision-making skills,“ Ruth Ann Falls, PCA facilitator, said.

“In each session they took us through different ethical dilemmas that we might face in real life,” Luke Wardle, junior, said.

Considering how much most of the student enjoyed the conference, maybe more students should get involved with PCA.