Twins show cooperation in many activities

Jordan Withers, Reporter

When it comes to twins and their abilities to do certain activities, many people think that they perform the same in everything, but that might not always be the case.

Twins often say that one is naturally better at something while the other one is better at another, especially when it comes to athletics.

What some twins don’t know, however, is that they are not born with their athletic differences, but that they, in fact, come to create them.  

While many influences can work to determine differences between twins, such as genetic mutations, some twins that have genetic mutations are still typically more genetically similar than not. However, these genetic mutations don’t have a huge effect when dealing with athleticism. 

Twins have tendencies to be very competitive in sports, but they can be competitive in other non-athletic activities as well, such as choir. 

Eryn and Chandler Patrick, seniors, are identical twins that share a passion for music.

They do not have much of a rivalry, but they share similar strengths and weaknesses. The main struggle Eryn and Chandler deal with is being in different choirs. 

“Chandler and I auditioned for Advanced Choir, but I was the one to make it while Chandler made Chamber Choir instead. Our voices are very similar so we were both surprised,” Eryn said.

Eryn and Chandler feel they perform better together. Since they have similar voices they can harmonize well and are more confident when with one another.

“One strength we share is that we are in alto two, which means that we can sing lower as opposed to higher,” Chandler said.