Choirs congregate for Forever Falcon

Megan Stoerman, Reporter

Every year it seems that choir students try to knock everybody’s socks off with the annual Forever Falcon concert, formerly known as the Pops Concert.

Forever Falcon was the very last performance of the year this past Thursday, May 10. Choir members had the chance to showcase their talents among the rest of the chorus. 

The show opened with “This Is Me” from the new movie musical “The Greatest Showman,” sung by all of the choir groups.  

Other performances were done by students such as the Southside Singers, who did “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Greg Gilpin and “From Now On,” also from “The Greatest Showman.” 

Forever Falcon is the biggest performance of the year with 34 different acts, and it really fits the end of the school year because,n  according to Elise Peterson, choral director, it is an “energetic and exciting [show] for the end of the year.” 

Acts such as Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” by Peter Winslow, senior, and Brittany Taylor, senior, really shone a spotlight on students. Winslow said that he was excited for the show because he has done choir for four years and this performance was a “big part of [his] senior year.”

Chase Simmons, senior, was looking forward to the concert for the senior song, “I Was Here” by Alan Billingsley, which all of the seniors sang at the end. The senior song often has an effect on the audience, so that there was not a dry eye in the house.

Overall, senior choir students were really looking forward to their senior concert and were not super scared. Abby Allen, senior, most looked forward to her ensemble piece with Gabby Russell, senior, Megan Secrest, senior, Taylor and Catie Walker, senior. These seniors did “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls because they “love the group and thought that it would be fun to do their original piece,” according to Allen. 

The concert was going nonstop from start to end with a 15-minute intermission. Some students did a costume change for their small acts. 

The concert was free because Peterson would rather “have an audience” and not have it cost anything, than have tickets cost money and not have as big of an audience. 

Forever Falcon left the 2017-2018 choir members excited for the future, but also reminiscent of the past.