Scholarship Box

Tristan Allen, Reporter

Scholarship: Mometrix

Deadline: May 18

Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Students will write a 2,000 character essay on what works for them and why and submit it to Mometrix, a test-preparation service. The best essays will be selected to win a scholarship of $1000, $500 or $250. 


Scholarship:  AES Engineering

Deadline: Oct. 6

Amount: $500

Criteria: High school seniors only have to write an essay about how they would deem themselves successful after 30 years. 


Scholarship: Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship

Deadline: Sept. 21

Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Students must have been already accepted to a college or university and write a 1,500-7,500 word preview of an original novel. Five finalists will be selected.


Scholarship: KidGuard for Education Scholarship

Deadline: Oct. 31

Amount: $1,000

Criteria: High school students  will create an essay or video responding to a prompt about childhood and can win between $500-$1,000.