New math lab needs volunteers

Tristan Allen, Reporter

A new “math lab” for students who are struggling with mathematics, similar to the Writing Center, opened April 19 in room 1107 during seminar. The lab should be open every seminar for the rest of the school year and possibly longer.

Due to how new the math lab is, several issues are still being worked out. Thornton Thornburg, math teacher and math lab cofounder, plans to “get all the kinks worked out this last quarter” so everything will be ready next year.

As of April 26, nine student tutors are working in the math lab. Thornburg and Rachel Jetton, math teacher and the other math lab cofounder, are looking for volunteer tutors. If interested, students can talk to Jetton or Thornburg.

There is no solid requirement to meet in order to apply. Instead, Jetton or Thornburg will talk to the student’s math teacher to evaluate whether or not a student is a good fit to volunteer.

They are looking for students who have a good grasp in any math field, such as geometry or pre-calculus.

Caroline Rodriguez, junior, is a volunteer tutor because she is good at math and likes “meeting new kids and helping them out.”