Puzzles and Punch event successful

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

The library hosted “Puzzles and Punch” on Thursday, April 26 during seminar.

Students who attended the event enjoyed puzzles of all kinds, free snacks, and, of course, fruit punch.

Attendance was expected to be around 60-80 students. The number of people who showed up was around 55.

The library was not open to other students during seminar unless they needed to print a paper. However, it was open for clubs after school.

Students were given puzzles of all kinds, from jigsaw puzzles to crosswords. They were given plenty to work on.

Student feedback on “Puzzles and Punch” was good as well. “The only reason I wouldn’t have gone is if I had a test to do,” Rachel Vlasity, sophomore, said.

Even students who don’t usually go to the library enjoyed it. “I don’t usually go to the library, but even I liked this activity,” David Roberts, sophomore, said.

Megan Roberts, librarian, explained how they come up with ideas for these events. “We usually look around on Pintrest or Instagram. Although, Puzzles and Punch was an idea of our own,” Roberts said.

Roberts also explained the purpose of hosting these events. “We want to get people into the library, whether they come here often or not,” she said.

  The library sometimes repeats events. “We do Coffee and Coloring every year. It’s become a tradition of ours,” Roberts said.