Students qualify for USA Weightlifting Youth National tournament

Faith Holliday, Reporter

Two students qualified for the USA Weightlifting Youth National tournament.

Josepha Kamseu, junior, qualified for nationals during a meet at Mid America Nazarene University.

“I lifted 53 kilograms for snatch and 67 kilograms for the clean and jerk,” Kamseu said.

Kamseu has been involved in weight lifting for three years, and she doesn’t show any sign of stopping.

“I started weight lifting during freshman year and I will continue to do it,” Kamseu said.

Damian Tolbert, junior, made the cut for nationals at a meet here in the Black Box Theatre.

“I lifted 200 kilograms between the two lifts, and I needed 190 kilograms,” Tolbert stated.

Making it to nationals was extremely important to Tolbert.

“I qualified my freshman and sophomore years, but I wasn’t able to go,” Tolbert said.

Tolbert has been into weightlifting for three years.

Both Kamseu and Tolbert are able to go to nationals, which will take place from June 13-17 in Grand Rapids, Mich.