Students express their passion of cars

Kyle Kucharski, senior, drives a 2012 Camaro RS and is in the car club, The House, with his friends Ben Casey, senior, and Quinten Lofton, junior.

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Car clubs can be found everywhere—in every city, in every state, across the world. Members of these clubs even walk the halls here.

Kyle Kucharski and Ben Casey, seniors, as well as Quinten Lofton, junior, began a car club called The House.

“We used to have casino nights where we would talk about cars… and [we] ended up calling the club The House because that’s what they called the big casinos in Vegas,” Kucharski said.

Although the name of the club was created during one of the friends’ hangouts, the background of the club goes a little bit further.

“The idea came up in horticulture,” Kucharski said. “It was [Ben, Quinten and I that] came up with the idea. Then we brought it to OATC (Olathe Advanced Technical Center), my other school, and they helped us expand. That’s what really kicked it off.”

“It was kind of like a ‘Breakfast Club’ situation; it was just [Kyle, Ben and me] in the back of horticulture,” Lofton said.

Different car clubs have different activities they partake in.

“Most of the time we will cruise, go out for photo-shoots, or if someone gets a new part, we’ll spend that entire night in the garage putting it on,” Kucharski said.

Kucharski’s club The House now includes eight members from around the school district.

Kucharski drives a 2012 Camaro RS. He enjoys his car because his car resembles Bumblebee from the “Transformers” franchise. While Lofton drives a 2006 Volvo C70 hardtop convertible.

“It’s just a cool car,” Lofton said. “You don’t see Volvos too often.”

There are other car clubs in the school as well.

Jose Martinez, junior, began his car club Vindictive with a couple of his friends a while back, and now it has expanded around the country.

“We all made [the club] together,” Martinez said. “It’s just gotten bigger over time all around the country.”

Martinez’s club has expanded to having around 30 members and continues to grow.

Vindictive and its members meet every other week to work on their cars and go to various car shows around the nation.

Martinez’s favorite memory while in Vindictive has been the car show his club attended in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Additionally, Martinez drives a 2006 Mazda RX8 and enjoys the speeds it can reach.

Another student in a car club is Ashley Xayyasaeng, junior. She is a part of the club called Ratchet Club.

Ratchet Club meets every weekend and its members typically cruise and work on their cars together.

Xayyasaeng’s favorite memories she has in Ratchet Club are from “late night cruises with everyone together.”

“At least five or six of us meet up every week,” Xayyasaeng said. “[There are] 12 in the group.”

Former students also were a part of the club as well.

Jaden Dean, Justin Phan and Eric Siriboury, graduates, all were members of Ratchet Club during their high school careers.

Xayyasaeng drives a 2006 Acura RSX. She enjoys her car because “it’s red so it stands out and it’s a stick [shift],” Xayyasaeng said.