Fashion show theme morphs into something new

M.K. Matje and Nathan Curry, seniors, walking down the runway together styling the royalty wear of the past. March 1st, 2018.

Mara Gee, Reporter

Design students and student volunteers walked the runway for the annual fashion, apparel, and interior design (FAID) show, entitled Metamorphosis, on March 1 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Designers were focusing on portraying “the definition of the word or the meaning of change and how it inspired fashion,” Taylor Schwartz, FACS design teacher, said. “The garment itself” underwent a change or alteration as the scene progressed.

The show had a total of 10 scenes. Design Trends II students modeled for Space Bound, the first scene. Some Trends students also designed for the scene.

“Design Trends I and II styled their own outfits,” Opal Stephens, FACS design teacher, said. They also rented clothes from Camille La Vie and Men’s Wearhouse. Designers were given “no parameters [and] could decide” on what to create, Stephens said.

Design Studio students Alexa Evans and Savanna Muellner, seniors, were in charge of scene two, entitled The Addition. Evans’ portrait was used as the cover for the program and on promotional posters.

Next was Elegant Evolution, of which Apparel Production II was in charge. Apparel Production I & II students didn’t design anything, apart from “reversible bomber jackets for a teacher of their pick,” Stephens said.

The fourth scene was called Then & Now by Design Trends I.

“I like Then & Now because it showcase[d] fashion adapt[ations] from [back then] to more modern today,” Stephens said.

The next three scenes were It’s Britney (Design Studio: Heidi March and Hadley Bomberger, seniors), Reverse (Apparel Production I), and Sugar Central (Design Trends I).

Schwartz’s favorite scene was Mystique (Design Studio: Aaliyah Pierce and Courtney Porter, seniors), the fifth scene, where a superhero’s costume evolved into “actual clothes.”

Monarchy (Design Studio: Anna Scarlett, senior) and Bombshell (Design Trends II) were the final two scenes before the models took a final walk on the runway.

“The show was [about] an hour long,” Lynndsie Taylor, junior and model for the show, said. “Hair and makeup took 45 minutes. It took two hours for everyone” to get ready.

A total of 100 participants, models and designers alike, contributed to the show. Students from “design [classes were] in charge of staging.” They constructed the runway extension from the middle of the stage along with the hanging set pieces and controlled the background colored lights.