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Students share tattoo advice and stories

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Students share tattoo advice and stories

Rachel Engeman

Rachel Engeman

Rachel Engeman

Aysiah Loving, Reporter

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Thinking about getting a tattoo? Look no further.

Tattoos can be a decision that requires much thought. One must consider design, cost, artist, location of tattoo and responsibility of aftercare.

When selecting a design, it’s best to find something that best suits your personality andor passions.

Abbey Roschak, senior, has two tattoos that she drew herself and both consist of butterflies.

“My neck tattoo is a butterfly with a blue ribbon to symbolize my battle with graves disease, an autoimmune disorder. It’s a butterfly because the thyroid gland, the basis of the disease, is shaped like a butterfly,” Roschak said.

Mariah Elliott, senior, has a total of three tattoos and for her first one she found ideas on Pinterest and consulted with a tattoo artist to create a unique design.

“I have a tattoo of the cancer astrology constellation because I’m really into astrology. Another one is a quote: ‘she wasn’t given wings to see the world from a tree.’ And I have small wings on my ankles which are more personal to me and have a deeper meaning,” Elliott said.

Adrian Garcia, senior, also has a total of three tattoos. One on his forearm that says “Andrew,” another of the bible verse Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”) on the right side of his chest and he has a tattoo of a cross on the center of his chest.

“My ‘Andrew’ tattoo is for my closest cousin who passed away in a car crash. The bible verse tattoo really made me think I can do anything,” Garcia said.

When getting a tattoo, cost is a huge factor that filters in. The cost of a tattoo varies based on size and artist. Quality tattoos and artists are not particularly cheap. If you want a tattoo, it is important to save up.

Elliott paid $65 for her first tattoo and the other two combined was $150, which she felt was “reasonable and good quality.”

Garcia paid separately for all of his tattoos and feels the some were reasonably priced and the others were not.

“My ‘Andrew’ tattoo was $160 and I thought that was a good price. My Philippians 4:13 was $140, which I didn’t think was reasonable, and my cross tattoo was $360 and that wasn’t a reasonable price because that was way too much for a cross, but it still looks good,” Garcia said.

When getting a tattoo, it’s important to research different artist and shops.

Elliott went to Dear You Tattoo, located in Kansas City, Kan. and enjoyed the cleanliness and professionalism.

“Definitely make sure where you go is reputable and clean. Do some investigating and find a tattoo artist that specializes in the type of tattoo you want. Don’t just go to someone,” Elliott said.

Garcia went to Aftershock, located in Olathe on Santa Fe, and would not recommend because it is “over-priced.”

Garcia and Roschak recommend when getting a tattoo to eat healthy and get rest because the state of your body heavily depends on its reaction to getting the tattoo.

“Drink Gatorade before, during and after the tattoo. It will get your blood sugar to stay stable so you won’t crash while under the tattoo gun,” Roschak said.

Finally, once the tattoo is complete it is important to obtain a consistent cleaning regimen so there are no infections and you have a long lasting, healthy tattoo.


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Students share tattoo advice and stories