Activity fair introduces students to high school activities


Megan Stoerman, Reporter

The eighth grade activity fair provided students with a whole new outlook on the inner workings of high school.

On Feb. 28 at 9:30 a.m., about 500 eighth graders came from all of the three feeder middle schools into the school to learn more about how to survive high school, but most importantly to see what clubs and activities the school had to offer.

When the eighth graders arrived, they proceeded into the auditorium where they learned about all things high school.

During the day, the students participated in games and activities with the school’s Falcon Mentors. They also toured the building, got to meet all of the administration and lastly learned all about the activities and clubs provided here.

Some of the clubs and activities that were involved were sports such as track and field, and Robotics Club. The Performing Arts “put on theatrical and musical performances,” Jenessa Gonzales, secretary, said.

Students got to see all of these clubs and many others.

In the past, the activity fair has been open to the whole school on a separate day during the school year and the eighth graders are already freshmen. Gonzales and Michael Filla, assistant band director, felt that having the activity fair during the eighth grade day was better because it would get students “excited abut high school and all the opportunities,” according to Gonzales.

Overall, the eighth grade activity fair provided students with a chance to get familiar with all of the clubs and activities provided at the school and possibly even plan on participating during their freshmen year.