Jorgensen tries internship

Madison Bonner, Reporter

How many people have asked you if you know what you want to do after school? Maybe a handful or maybe you’re the person that gets asked by what seems the whole adult population.

High school is where students learn not only in classes they need but they also try to figure out what they want to do after they graduate.

Breanna Jorgensen, senior, has decided that she wants to go to college and has taken an internship at the Johnson County Courthouse to figure out if law is what she wants to study.

“I had possible interest in becoming a lawyer when I grew up and I wanted to see the environment and some of what a job in that career would be like,” Jorgensen said.

While nobody in her family has been in the law, Jorgensen decided to try a different path from her family and has been able to do this internship.

She however, is not the only student from South participating in this internship, Ebenezer Getahun, senior, is taking part in this as well.

Going to school, Jorgensen has been away during her first and second hours for this internship and will continue this internship till she graduates in May.

During her hours at the court house, she has the opportunity to witness and participate in different protection orders, court coverage, notification letters and answering phones.

“I’m definitely interested with the protection orders because I love working one-on-one with the victims,” Jorgensen said.

As much as she enjoys being there, she is able to see it as a learning experience on different levels.

“I’ve learned how hectic lawyers schedule are and how it really takes teamwork to keep everything running smoothly,” Jorgensen said.

She has also been able to learn about herself while taking part in this internship.

Jorgenson said, “I’ve learned that I like human interaction when it comes to a job, and I definitely spruced up on my communication skills and professional dress attire.”

Internships are given to students to help them learn about the profession, but also for individuals to learn new things about themselves and testing their limits in different areas.