Students see positives & negatives in lunch

Khadija Ceesay, Asst. Feature Editor

When asked to be honest about the school lunches, students comments are mostly similar about what they like, dislike, and get or bring often each day.

Some students choose to bring lunch like Maddie Bachtold and Lynndsie Taylor, juniors, who do it because they find it easier than going into the lunch lines.

Michaela Vanden Hull, freshman, brings her lunch because she said she is a picky eater and would rather pick her own food.

Others like Joshua Hester, junior, Bashanta Mishra, freshman, eats lunch here all the time.

Some students do both like Lane Hayes, and Myles Nash, sophomores; they said they bring their lunch, depending on what they are feeling that day.

Natalie Roberts and Mackenzie Smith, juniors, bring their lunches because they also don’t like the hassle of the lunch lines.

Andrea Vandenbeark, junior, prefers the kiosk line in the Falcons Nest rather than the regular line because there are more possibilities.

Roberts has eaten at public school for the past three years and rates it a 4 on a 1-10 scale.

Students also rated the food here based on their experiences and the average number response is about 5,

Some were harsher; Chris Magnuson, sophomore, and Cael Baumgarten, freshman, rated it a 2 or a 3.

Some students said that their rating depends on the day and what kind of items are being served.

Hester said, “it’s a 5 on a good day.”

He commented that his favorite thing to eat here is the cheese boscos and the uncrustable meal.

James enjoys the spicy chicken sandwiches the most and the breakfast and snack line muffins.

Students also prefer a specific line to another and others use the vending machines.

Abby Whitener, junior, prefers the regular lunch line because she said, “the items in the kiosk line go by so quick.”

She also uses the vending machines at least once a week for some snacks.

Some students who use the vending machines such as Ariana Dikic, freshman, uses it “every once in a while to get spicy Doritos.”

Peyton Consani, junior, uses the vending machines all the time when she isn’t feeling up for regular school lunch.

She gets a snack to take her through the rest of the day. She also sometimes gets school lunch depending on the food day.Whether or not students bring lunch or eat here may also depend on what is for lunch that specific day.

According to a district food service nutritionist, Walking Taco Day is when most students flock to the lines and they sell the most.

The most popular breakfast food is sausage and the blue benefit bars that are available every morning.