‘An Adventure in Space’ brings new life to classic game


Braden Ebert

Alec Sappenfield, senior, has plans for his role-playing game. He also used his game to compete at DECA state where he qualified to go to nationals.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

“Dungeons and Dragons,” D&D, has been a part of pop culture since it was first released in 1974. With a very in depth world, rich characters and a complex dice system for scoring, it can be hard for some people to get into D&D.

Alec Sappenfield, senior, wanted to start a game for his friends, so he created a simpler version of the

game in a sci-fi setting instead of fantasy.

“Other versions of the game were too complicated, so I wanted something easier for unexperienced

people to play,” Sappenfield said.

His version of the game is titled “An Adventure in Space,” and it takes place in the Arkurian galaxy.

People can play as one of many species that all get together on a spaceship and travel around in order to gain wealth, power or just go on adventures.

In his personal game with his friends, they discovered government secrets, a planet with a laboratory full of the undead and many other adventures.

Traditional D&D will be based on one planet, with creatures like orcs and elves, and is confined to a smaller scope. In An Adventure in Space, the plot can change with an infinite number of circumstances, and a new planet worth of species anywhere the crew lands.

Sappenfield is the DM, or dungeon master (the person who controls the game and makes decisions), for his friends and created a story that lasted for years. He plans on creating more and being a DM far into the future.

“I’ve been playing for around four years. One day a few of my friends brought it up, and we thought it’d be fun,” Sappenfield said.

The plan for “An Adventure in Space” is to eventually sell it to the public, and Sappenfield has been preparing to pitch it for awhile.

With pages of notes, character descriptions, and gameplay rules, he has enough set up to constitute a fully formed game, and he is hoping to soon have artwork made of the different species throughout the game.

“As far as plot goes, that depends on the DM,” Sappenfield said, “but I knew I wanted to put it in a sci-fi setting. I love fantasy, but sci-fi interests me more.”