School adds new murals, scoreboard

Adrithik Madonna
People entering the school are now greeted by a large pair of Falcon eyes.

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

The school received some new art in the hallways and a new scoreboard this year.

Most of the new murals in the hallways were put up in December, and some were finished during winter break.

Matthew Johnson, athletic director, said that the school “used a company called SpeedPro Imaging [to install them.]”

Johnson does not know how long it took them to install the scoreboard.

Johnson also explained that the paper “[the murals] are made of is a special material called a wall wrap. It’s made to look like paint, but is really a high tech wallpaper.” “I’m not exactly sure what the material is made of,” Johnson said.

The designs for the murals were made by Johnson himself. “With some help of course,” Johnson said.

The new scoreboard is much more high tech compared to the old one. “It can display all kinds of content,” Johnson said, “from videos to still images, advertisements, promotional items, and audio in the near future.”

The new scoreboard enhances the game experience greatly compared to the old one. “It has the power to really impact a game in a positive manner,” Johnson said.

Many positive comments from visitors have been give to Johnson about the murals and the scoreboard. “They say how much better the atmosphere is in the hallways and in the gym,” Johnson said.

David Roberts, sophomore, agrees. He said, “I think the new scoreboard is very nice. It looks very neat when there’s a game going on.”

Johnson thinks that a bond was used to purchase these new items, but is unsure how much they cost in total.

Together, the new murals displayed and new scoreboard seem to have made a big difference in the school.

“I didn’t really notice them at first, but after looking around, I do see some difference, a good difference too,” said Aaron Popevis, sophomore.