Students share Spring Break plans; 49 % leaving K.C.

Tristan Allen, Reporter

Spring Break is just around the corner, so the Eyrie surveyed 103 students about their plans for this upcoming vacation.

About 49 percent of the student population plan to travel outside of the Kansas City area during spring break.

During Spring Break, 52 percent of the Freshman Class have plans to travel somewhere. Only 46 percent of the Sophomore Class have plans to travel, but 50 and 61 percent of the Junior and Senior classes respectively plan to travel during break as well.

By far, Illinois is the most popular state that will be travelled to during spring break by the portion of the student body that got surveyed. Many students who indicated that they were going to Illinois said they were going to Chicago for the orchestra field trip.

Sarah Buehler, senior, is going to a resort in the Dominican Republic, which at 2,112 miles from Olathe according to Google Maps, the farthest spring break destination out of all the students that were surveyed.

Students that were not going to spend their whole Spring Break travelling outside of the Kansas City area were asked what they were going to do while at home.

Of all the gathered answers, 30 answers involved hanging with friends, which was the most popular activity given aside from eating or sleeping, which were not counted because virtually everybody does that every day.

The next most popular activity was along the lines of watching videos, with nine replies. More specific activities included going to the movies, watching Netflix and other streaming services, or watching live television.

Seven answers were related to the students’ academics, which ranged from school projects to visiting potential colleges.

Six replies focused on playing a sport such as basketball or playing an instrument and five replies were related to playing video games.

The remaining 10 replies had a wide range of variety. For example, Kaitlyn Wernsmen, freshman, plans on volunteering at Ray of Hope, an animal shelter, while Kajsa Mesmer, junior, will be dog-sitting for her cousin.

It should be noted that not everybody who took the survey filled out this section.

The survey does have a slightly higher concentration of seniors and juniors. The Senior and Junior classes made up around 27 percent each, totaling 54 percent of students surveyed. The Sophomore Class made up 23 percent of the survey and the Freshman Class made up 22 percent of the survey.