Freshman varsity swimmer has chance to break records

Jordan Whithers, Reporter

Fletcher Smith, freshman, is a varsity swimmer who is close to breaking many records.

Prior from swimming at South, Smith has been swimming for six years with his club team called City of Olathe Lightning Swim Team (COOL).

Smith was very excited to find out that he made the varsity swim team here. “My goal is to make podium at state this year and hopefully win state,” Smith said.

He pushes himself to do his best by focusing on the task he needs to do rather than worrying about what needs to be done later.

Smith’s best event is the 200 individual medley which he stated was also his favorite event. Smith practices every day, sometimes twice a day.

“I was inspired by Michael Phelps to do swim, and [I] wanted to be just like him,” Smith said.

Brandon Simpson, Smith’s high school coach, said, “Fletcher is so successful because he has been swimming for many years for his club team COOL.”