Student develops job skills with cars

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Opportunities for jobs as high schoolers are everywhere. Depending on the job, they may last for a couple summers while some may pave a path for a future career, like Daniel Flores, senior, and his job.

Some students spend their time working in the restaurant or retail industries; however, some students find themselves doing something a little different.

Flores is an example of this as he works independently buying and selling cars.

“I buy cars, then get them ready to sell, then sell them,” Flores said.

Flores came across this opportunity from his brother-in-law, who used to take part in the same profession of buying and selling cars privately.

The process of this business requires many things. He must have to buy and sell. In order to do that he has to have the money to get kick started as well as have a license to sell.

“I got a license and opened up a lot [for cars] with a couple of other guys,” Flores said.

Flores enjoys his job and sees it as an opportunity to prepare for his future and having his own business.

“I want to own a business in the future,” Flores said, “[something] with entrepreneurship in general.”

Flores has sold cars for a little over two years and enjoys what comes along with the profession.

“[I like] getting to drive a different car every day,” Flores said.

Just like any other job there are cons. For Flores “making sure everything is ready [on a car] is hard.”