Students stay in activities due to impact of people

Faith Holliday, Reporter

Students here participate in many different kinds of activities for long periods of time, and many of these students stay in their selected clubs, classes, and activities because of one thing: the people.

Some students who have been in activities for over four years include Emmanuel Okwuone, junior, track; Bennett Junkins, junior, swim; Gabriella Turvey, senior, bowling; Alex Oberholtzer, junior, QUEST; Jenna Stokes, junior, band; Savannah Gooch, senior, choir; Elyse Musil, sophomore dance, and Jace Koelzer, senior, wrestling.

Oberholtzer has been in QUEST for over 11 years. “I enjoy the people that I have met and the escape from regular classes,” Oberholtzer said. Oberholtzer enjoys QUEST because he gets to explore his interests. He also enjoys doing logic puzzles.

Stokes has also been involved in a class for many years. Stokes, who has played the French horn for seven years, claims to have always known she wanted to play an instrument.

“My mother played the French horn, and I was fascinated by it,” Stokes said. Stokes has taken school band classes since fifth grade, and she has been in the wind ensemble for three years. “I love how it connects people,” Stokes said. “Everyone joins together to create one sound.”

When balancing school and band, Stokes takes her career plans into account. “I want to be a musician, so I mainly prioritize band. I try to do things in school that help with what I want to do as a career,” Stokes stated.

Stokes is also an active member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Musil has danced for five years. Musil is on the Golden Girls dance team and also dances outside of school. Although dance includes a lot of cardio and hard work, she wouldn’t want to do anything else.

“I like being able to express my emotions without talking alongside my favorite people,” Musil said. School always comes first for Musil. “I try not to overwork myself with dance classes so I don’t run out of time to complete schoolwork,” Musil stated.

Junkins has loved swimming for 10 years. “When I was 8, I saw the Olympics and I thought ‘I want to do that’,” Junkins said. Junkins is on the swim team and the C.O.O.L (City of Olathe) swimming league.

“I really enjoy being with my teammates and my coaches,” Junkins said. Although Junkins is devoted to swimming, sometimes his advanced classes and his activities begin to add up. “I have to make sure I don’t go to practice if I have too much homework,” Junkins stated.

Turvey has been on South’s bowling team for four years. “The people on the team are really nice,” Turvey said. “If you’re having bad day, they are always there to pick you back up.”

Turvey is also in a leadership position. “I am the girl’s representative of the Falcon Alliance,” Turvey stated.

Koelzer has been wrestling for over 13 years. Wrestling takes up a lot of Koelzer’s time. “Sometimes I have to miss choir events,” Koelzer said.