Early graduation considerations for new seniors

Madison Bonner, Reporter

If someone asked if you wanted to finish your high school career a semester early your senior year what would you say?

Early graduation has been an option for seniors for many years now and a great number of seniors have taken advantage of it this school year.

Juniors who wish to do early graduation as seniors are required to fill out a piece of paper explaining how it will help them in the future, what they will do to get their fourth year of English needed to graduate and their parents’ approval.

Donna Peters, secretary, explained that students who fill out the form usually have a good chance of getting early grad.

“Students that turn in the forms are almost guaranteed to get it if they meet the qualifications,” Peters said.

However, counselors stress specific things students need to think about when considering early graduation, such as if it will truly benefit the student or if the student is ready to miss out in their last semester as a senior.

Traci Johnston, counselor, said, “Once you’ve graduated, you’re not a high school student anymore; your technically considered a college student.”

Students who graduate early and decide to go to Johnson County Community College and get some credits out of the way before going to a four-year college could miss out on different opportunities.

“There is a very good chance you could be considered a transfer student and loose out on a lot of scholarships because you wouldn’t be considered freshman anymore,” Johnston said.