Students could benefit from math help center

Megan Stoerman, Reporter

Math is a subject that most students either tend to love or hate.

The school has a much loved Writing Center run by Marci and Marc Gibbens, English teachers and Writing Center founders. The Writing Center is a place where students can get help and advice from peers in AP English classes on things like writing papers, thesis statements, lab write-ups, sentence structure and MLA format.

The school could benefit from a math help center like the writing center. A math help center would be like the Writing Center where students could get help reviewing for a test or quiz, understanding topics, getting feedback, help on everyday homework and maybe even preparing for a math sections of the ACT and SAT.

Ashley Gregg, sophomore, would use a math help center if it was available. She said, “I would use it because what we learn in class isn’t always what you need for the homework.”

Aja Wong, sophomore, said that she would also use a math help center she said “because it [math] is one of the most difficult subjects.”

A math help center could be available during seminar and Falcon 50 like the Writing Center, but it could also be open before or after school if tutors were available. A math help center might open many more avenues for other subject centers like possibly a science center, or even a if there is a need.

If a math help center would be opened, it could provide students with another way to gain help and make sure that they are doing math in the most accurate way.

Students might feel more comfortable getting help from a peer instead of from their teachers. Teachers are also not always available in the mornings, especially when students come seeking help. A math center could be open in the mornings as a place where students could go in case their teacher is gone and they have some last minute questions.

In order to get a math help center up and moving, some crucial elements need to be worked out, like “getting a good base of tutors, being organized and setting up online appointment forms,” according to Marc Gibbens.

A math help center would also need a lot of teacher promotion and recommendation from teachers, administration, and peers who have had success in the past. Word of mouth would also be very helpful in furthering a math help center.

Marci Gibbens said she thinks a math help center would be a “fine” idea. Matthew Bohm, math teacher, also agreed, saying “if the need is there.”

A math center would need a math teacher to take it under their wing and run the center. Such a person would need lots of ideas and someone who is open to helping students.

Most students would have a good use for a math help center. It would provide students with comfort knowing that they can go to a math help center. Really, students need a welcoming place that they can rely on for math help too. A math help center could provide that.