Logan Paul’s controversy offends audience

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

In the past few years, there have been multiple controversies within the YouTube community, and Logan Paul may have created the largest and most horrifying atrocity yet, with no sign of stopping his offensive behavior.

Recently, Logan Paul created a controversy that took over social media for weeks. He’s a YouTuber that came over from Vine, and he has now gained a cult following.

In one of his many plots to gain more followers, he visited Japan. He released multiple videos that were in poor taste, including disrespecting a temple and screaming while running through the streets, disrupting the surrounding citizens.

The controversy didn’t stem from these issues though, but rather something far more criminal. Paul and all of his friends visited Aokigahara, more commonly named the Suicide Forest, and ran into a dead body.

Earlier that night, the man had hung himself, and the vloggers filmed the body. They laughed and yelled, filming their inappropriate reactions.

In Japan, filming the dead is extremely disrespectful. They value privacy, and showing the man’s body was incredibly offensive in their culture.

His fans are mostly extremely young kids, and parents were not okay with the graphic content. . The video was taken down, and Logan Paul was hit by a wave of social media comments demanding his channel get taken down.

Logan Paul wasn’t the only Paul to make mistakes this year.

Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, is also a famous YouTuber. The same week as the Suicide Forest video, he posted a video with an inappropriate thumbnail that goes against YouTube guidelines.

Both of the brothers were punished by YouTube. Their YouTube Red movies were taken away, and Logan Paul’s channel was suspended briefly.

Less than a week after the Suicide Video, Logan Paul issued an apology. Within the apology, he blamed parents for letting their children watch his channel and over-promoted his own brand.

It appears that none of this has taught Logan Paul a lesson. He tweeted recently about eating Tide Pods, attempted to promote his merchandise in the wake of his Suicide Forest video, was making jokes about North Korea, and he killed his sick Koi fish by tossing it’s body around after pretending to give it CPR.

His most recent controversial moment occurred when he tazed a dead rat on camera on his front porch. It seems no amount of punishment has made him learn his lesson.

YouTube has been struggling for years with advertising, because a small portion of YouTubers create a stigma around the entire site.

The struggle to clean up the site while remaining fair has been a struggle for the company, but it seems that no matter what repercussions the Pauls face, there’s no end in sight to their offensive and harmful ways.