Writing Center Field Trip enhances students’ outlook


Marci Gibbens


Megan Stoerman, Reporter

This past Tuesday, Jan. 23 tutors with the Writing Center headed to Olathe West High School to improve writing centers as a whole.

Marci Gibbens, Writing Center co-founder and English teacher, said that the field trip helped with “camaraderie [and] support.” She thinks that “knowing others in the district” who work with writing centers helps the tutors and the center here with “future writing.”

The Writing Center tutors have been going on this field trip for two years along with the other Olathe high schools. The Writing Center has found great success through the trip. Peter Winslow, senior, enjoyed the field trip, saying that it could help him “look at new ways to look at things in a different way.”

Some goals are to have more students come to the center for help outside of the English Dept., have even more awareness about the center, and have more appointments.

One thing that Gibbens really likes that the Writing Center is doing is that it is giving students and awareness of a Writing Center so that when individuals go to college, they can look for a writing center there as well.

The Writing Center is ready to achieve their goals with the assistance of what they learned through this field trip.