Golden Girls compete in Miss Kansas Competition

The varsity team ends a number in a variety of positions.

Jordan Withers, Reporter

The Golden Girls were recognized with several awards at the Miss Kansas competition at Olathe South on Jan. 12-13 and the Kansas Spectacular at Olathe East on Jan. 19-20.

Forty-five schools competed at the Miss Kansas competition. The varsity team performed four routines as well as the freshman team.

“My favorite performance at the Miss Kansas competition was the varsity contemporary because it was very unique, and there was good expression,” Victoria Palomino, Golden Girls dance team coach, said.

The freshman team was voted the most admired team at Miss Kansas and won the American Academic Champions award at Kansas Spectacular.

The freshman and varsity team won the Five Star Shining Star Award at South and the Sweepstakes Team award at East. This award is for receiving a 90 or above from all judges, which is the highest possible points a team can receive.

As part of the varsity team, sophomores Abby Morris and Megan Jones won awards for their duet at Miss Kansas and Kansas Spectacular.

Morris said, “I felt really good, and I was proud of all of the hard work Megan and I put into the dance.”

The duet was a lyrical performance, and Morris and Jones explained that the duet was inspired by a song from “Dance Moms.”

Morris has been doing duet dance for three years while Jones has been doing it for two years.

Jones’ favorite performance at the competitions was the pom performance. She said it was very entertaining to perform and watch.

Palomino said she “was very proud with the competition results because both teams won Most Admired Award and there are so many good women and leaders on the team.”