Forty students join first disc golf team


Anna Scarlett

Hayden Hoeven gets th3 disc out of the net.

Alex Burbidge, Reporter

Well-known sports, such as basketball, football and baseball are staples at the high school level. However, high schools may want to give lesser-known sports a go.

That’s what Reed Howard, head coach, will try to do this year with disc golf.

Disc golf is a sport very similar to golf, which has also been a primary sport in high school, but with a twist. Instead of using the traditional golf clubs, they are replaced with frisbees, which brings a new level of strategy to the game.

The team was set up by Howard after some students asked him to sponsor the team. “I was approached by a group of guys that asked me to be the faculty sponsor for the disc golf club. I love disc golf and gladly said yes,” he said.

In their first season of play, the disc golf team will be playing their games outside if weather permits and has 40 players on the team, including Hayden Hoeven, junior, who is eager to be part of a sport that is brand new to the high school athletic scene. “I’m very excited to try out a new sport,” Hoeven said. “It’s definitely going to be a fun experience, and I’m looking forward to improving myself both as a player and as a teammate.”

Although Howard is “sure there are people across the district that play,” the team does not play in the Sunflower League. Instead, they play against themselves, and just like traditional golf, players try to improve on their own score each time they play.

Because disc golf is not a varsity sport, the team is set up like a club, where anyone can sign up and play.

Having a sport in its first season does come with its setbacks, however. When it comes to equipment, it isn’t as readily available as it would be with football or baseball.

“The only equipment needed are the discs and those can be found at most sporting goods stores. There is a much better selection at stores specifically about disc golf,” Howard said, though there are many less stores devoted to disc golf than mainstream sports.

It should also be expected that many people do not know how to play disc golf, including even some students that are currently on the team. According to Howard, some players were given tips on how to improve at disc golf.

The team is co-ed; however, in tournaments there are usually a boys and girls divisions, but there are mixed teams during doubles competitions.

Howard expects this season to be a successful one. Though there isn’t a league for the team to play in, he hopes the team will have fun and grow as teammates and people along the way.