Weightlifters aim to improve

Students have the opportunity to lift weights in the morning.

Kayla Balcom, Reporter

Most mornings, when several students have yet to rise out of bed, a group gathers.

Falcon Strength gathers every morning (besides Thursday) from 6:30-7:30 a.m. to practice weightlifting and prepare for competitions.

The group participated in one such competition on Nov. 16, when they competed against their peers in the Black Box Theater.

At the competition, students competed against each other for things like most successful lifts.

In addition, Falcon Strength recently gained a new sponsor, Kim Hoglund, who works in the Foreign Language department.

“I love it. We have so much fun,” Hoglund said.

She also encouraged everyone to try Falcon Strength.

Their goals can vary, from things as simple as getting stronger to more specific goals, like going to competitions and beating personal bests.

“I want to make it to nationals and beat my record,” Hailey Pittman, junior, said.

The club has a number of benefits as well, and they are not just physical.

“I gained weight and I’m more confident,” Pittman said.

Another member agreed. “I have more leg muscle, I can do a headstand, and I’m more outgoing,” Josepha Kamesu, junior, said.

There are also many things that make Falcon Strength stand out from other groups.

“I like the family environment. The coaches and the students make it unique,” Kamesu added.

The club has another unique quality as well.

“We have the only high school Olympic weightlifting team in the state of Kansas,” Hoglund said.

Anyone can join Falcon Strength, even if they do not have any athletic experience.

Students interested in joining the Falcon Strength club can see Kim Hoglund in room 315 after 7:30 a.m.