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‘Trap’ chosen to perform at International Thespian Conference

The opening scene of Trap on the dress rehersal on October 25, 2017

The opening scene of Trap on the dress rehersal on October 25, 2017

Gabby Turvey

Gabby Turvey

The opening scene of Trap on the dress rehersal on October 25, 2017

Maddie Smith, Reporter

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The students involved in the fall play, “Trap”, are excited because the show was recently chosen to be performed at the 2018 International Thespian Festival which occurs June 25-July 1 in Lincoln, Neb.

The show received straight superiors overall in the adjudication, which is the highest rating a performance can receive.

David Hastings, director, said that “this is the equivalent of winning the state championship for theater,” and this is the fourth time Olathe South has been chosen to attend in the past nine years, which is pretty rare.

Seniors involved with the show are especially excited for the experience because for them it is like a “big finale” as Kyle Kerstan put it.

Since the show was premiered, there have been no changes made, and it will stay that way as the cast and crew travel to Lincoln. The only change to the show being made is that the walls used in the performance will be raised higher in order to fit the larger stage at the festival.

The majority of the cast will hopefully be able to attend the festival but if some cast or crew members are not able, then there will be different students chosen to step in for the trip.

The cast will rehearse once a month. In February, they will read the adjudication which tells them what the judges thought of the performance. In March, April and May, they will do full run-throughs without costumes and makeup.

When June comes, they will meet for three to four days to run the show and reconnect. They will be focusing on specifics of the show, and brushing up on their performances.

Three Kansas schools will attend the festival out of eight total schools chosen.

The International Thespian Festival is an event that anyone can attend, even if they were not part of the show. Forms and money are due by Jan. 26. Anyone who chooses to attend must pay $790 if they are an inducted Thespian, and $820 if not.

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‘Trap’ chosen to perform at International Thespian Conference