Enrollment for next school year


Sion Worley

The Junior class meets in the auditorium on Jan. 10 with Traci Johnston and Amy Brown, counslers, to talk about enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year. Presentations for the other grades will take place during either their English hours (class of 2020) or seminar (class of 2021). Additionally, information and help is available in the counseling office for students who have questions.

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is here.

All students, grades 9-11, will begin the enrollment process sometime this month.

“[The process] is remaining the same as last year, which is nice,” Amy Brown, counselor, said.

Enrollment presentations are being held during seminar (class of 2019 and 2021) or in the students’ English hours (class of 2020), depending on the grade they are currently in.

Additionally, the presentations will be taking place on various dates to mark the different enrollment deadlines for each class.

The dates for enrollment are as follows: for the class of 2019, enrollment began Jan. 11 and ends on Jan 26; class of 2020 began on Jan. 17 and ends on Feb. 5; and the class of 2021 enrollment begins on Jan. 25 and ends on Feb. 5.

Along with each student’s core and elective classes, some core classes may have already been “pre-slugged.”

“Pre-slugging are the classes, based on teacher recommendation, that a student is ‘pre-slugged’ into,” Brown said.

Some examples of pre-slugged classes include mathematics and English classes.

Additionally, open labs are available for students in the writing center who have questions about enrollment.

It is highly suggested by the counselors that students go over enrollment material with their parents before going to one of the open labs or the counseling office to receive help regarding the process.

The open labs in the writing center for the classes of 2020 and 2021 will take place on Feb. 1, and the class of 2019’s lab will take place on Jan. 25.

Graduating seniors must figure out their enrollment process through the specific university that they will be attending.

Brown advised that students “get started on enrollment early” and to “not wait till the last minute to enroll.”