Bob Ross Club gathers students together

Megan Stoerman, Reporter

The popular artist, Bob Ross, known for his relaxing demeanor, calming voice and scenery paintings is making a comeback here.

Bob Ross Club was started by Tyler Lemke, history teacher, and some interested seniors. The club “is a place for students to relax and enjoy Bob Ross,” according to Lemke.

The new club was started by being “brought up by students and was [Bob Ross] watched during Falcon 50, and was later turned into a club,” Lemke said.

The club is centered around taking time to enjoy Bob Ross’s work and to spend time with fellow Bob Ross connoisseurs. During Bob Ross Club, students are invited to watch a Bob Ross episode with friends, sometimes participate in an online quiz made by students about Bob Ross called a Kahoot, occasionally color along with Bob Ross, and Lemke said that sometimes food is involved as well.

Bob Ross Club meets the first and third Friday of every month. As to whether Bob Ross Club makes students who attend inspired to paint, Blake Rooney, senior, and others replied with “always, we would paint if we had the resources to do so.”