Christmas season brings fun sweaters

Stacey Bergman, art teacher, wears different fun Christmas sweaters to school throughout the entire holiday season.

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Stacey Bergman, art teacher, loves showing her holiday spirit around the halls.

Bergman has worn a different Christmas sweater to school every day since Thanksgiving.

“Usually I try to start around Thanksgiving,” Bergman said.

Bergman’s tradition originated at her old school, where her and her fellow co-worker would coordinate their festive sweaters.

Even after moving to South, Bergman has continued to take part in the festivity; she additionally added more sweaters to her collection.

Some of Bergman’s sweaters include ‘Wreath Witherspoon,’ ‘Shark Santa’ and ‘Fleece Navidad’ to name a few.

“This has been my third year,” Bergman said. “I started scheduling last year.”

Spending only about 20 minutes to plan the month long schedule, Bergman has each sweater planned out, day by day.

“I just got a [sweater] with a Wookie on it that says ‘Merry Christmas, you filthy Wookie’,” Bergman said. “I have a whole week of ‘Star Wars’ [sweaters] for the premiere week of ‘The Last Jedi’.”

Some of Bergman’s sweaters she feels are uncomfortable or she doesn’t enjoy wearing them.

“I have a polar bear one that is just awkward to wear,” Bergman said.

Bergman gets her various sweaters from all over, but mostly off of Amazon and from stores like Target or Walmart.

For how often Bergman wears her festive attire, the attention she receives falls short.

“I always wear them [at school], so people don’t typically comment of them,” Bergman said.