WPA week rumors debunked

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

The rumors are not true. According to StuCo, Women Pay All, or the Winter Formal, will still be a formal dance, rather than a casual event.

Though, there will not be a pep assembly and the spirit week will only be three days, which are some of the main reasons the dance was under consideration to be made informal.

The dance will be held earlier than it has been in previous years this year. The dance, which is typically held in February, will be held on Jan. 20 from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The theme, which was thought of by the Winter Dance committee and voted on by StuCo, is Intergalactic Adventure. While the themes of the days of WPA week haven’t been decided, they will be pitched and voted on by StuCo and announced at a later date.

One of the factors StuCo is worrying about in terms of the dance is building availability in terms of where the dance will be held. Shelly Bright, StuCo sponsor, said the factors they considered when finding the building are “the space in the building, events listed on the school calendar, and the proximity to Prom.”

The reason WPA is earlier this year is because it works better with the situation of finding a building in which the dance can be held.