Audiences will be scared silly with ‘Trap’

Anna Hastings, sophomore, rehearsing for her performance as three characters in “Trap”.

Megan Stoerman

Audiences can get a “psychedelic thrill,” according to David Hastings, director, when theater students put on “Trap” by Stephen Gregg the weekend before Halloween, Oct. 26-28, in the auditorium.

This new play is about a terrible event that happened in California and is based on the interviews.

It is said that the audience may also be asked to interact with the cast. “Trap’s” interactions with the audience are going to be like no other play done before.

The crew for “Trap” is Chayston Simmons, assistant director; Alexia King, stage manager; Catie Walker, costume designer; Sion Worley, sound/lighting; Kaylee Flory, props; Aaliyah Pierce, set designer; and last but not least, Sloan Cash, sound.

The crew serves an important function. They are what gets the play going. The crew is working hard on making the show memorable.

The main leads are Kylee Wallentine, senior, and Maddie Kindig, junior.

Wallentine is looking forward to seeing the audience reaction since the play is “different from what we have done in the past.”

Wallentine said that challenges that they have discovered along the way are working with the playwright and making sure that the set is done in time.

Some of the challenges are developing a “unique character voice” and balancing it with the actors own voices to fit the character, according to Kindig.

Some of the other road bumps and challenges that the cast and crew had to face along the way, according to Hastings were “keeping it all straight and understanding the play.”

Hastings is looking forward to how the audience is going to react and respond to the play. Adittionally, Hastings also wonders what the audience is going to think about the second half.

Hastings also said that the title is a great idea to figuring out what the audience is walking into with the play.

“Trap” is said to feel like a “haunted house show,” and the audience is going to feel like they are walking into a “Trap” with this upcoming production.