Students tell preferences on horror movies

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

Throughout October, as Halloween approaches, horror movies begin to reach their peak in viewings. Not everyone likes horror movies, however; in fact, 19 out of 48 people interviewed do not like them. Of the remaining 48, there were 26 people who said they do like them, and 3 people who were in between liking them and disliking them.

Most people that watch horror movies and enjoy them say their favorite part of watching them is the thrill, excitement and adrenaline rush they experience from being scared. Many people also said that they loved the feeling of suspense, as mentioned by Remy Braun, senior. Horror lovers find fun in seeing scary things with their friends so “[they] can all scream together,” which an anonymous writer submitted.

Another anonymous interviewee said that they enjoy horror movies because “they’re funny and they don’t scare [them].”

Sydney Vickers, sophomore, says she is fond of horror movies because “it’s a chance to be scared, but to control it.”

On the other hand, some students dislike horror movies because they are easily scared and they can give them nightmares.

Others, such as Cameron Yanda, freshman, don’t like horror movies because “modern horror movies consist mainly of jump scares, but in [her] opinion, horror movies are so much more important than just jump scares.”

The three people who said they were in between liking and disliking horror movies had different reasons for their opinions.

Halle Trimboli, sophomore, said she likes them because “it’s fun being scared,” but is somewhat hesitant towards them because “they are usually predictable.”

Stephen Davis, junior, says he likes them sometimes “because some have an interesting story.” Another anonymous interviewed student [doesn’t] watch them a lot, so [they] don’t have a strong opinion” on horror movies.

Among the scariest movies people have seen, ‘IT’ ranked the most popular because, as Yanda says, “it involves clowns and little children.”

A few of the other most popular horror movies are ‘The Conjuring’ and both of the ‘Annabelle’ movies.

Overall, a majority of students enjoy scary movies because of the thrill they feel while still being safe from the actual horror inside the movies.

Some students will never enjoy watching them because they don’t want to get nightmares from watching the horrific events displayed on the screen.