Kansas City Metro College Expo attends the Ritz-Charles

Tristan Allen, Reporter

The Kansas City Metro College Expo was held on Sept. 18 from 6-8 p.m. at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park, for students that wanted to explore colleges around the Midwest.

College representatives handed out pamphlets and other informational papers about the colleges they represented to students and parents that were considering which college to apply for. The college representatives also answered questions that students and their parents had about the respective college.

Students registered online at Gotocollegefairs.com to go to the event.

At the website, students provided personal information that was then linked to a barcode that the college representatives scanned to acquire the students’ information.

Eighty different colleges attended the event. Most of these colleges were in Kansas City, Kansas or a state bordering Kansas.

In addition to the attending colleges, Get Smarter Prep, a service that provides assistance raising ACT and SAT test scores that colleges look at, attended and handed out reusable bags to the first students at the events.

The Bellus Academy, a beauty school and My College Money Plan, a service that helps future college students plan for the costs of college education, also attended the fair.