Assessment Day Changes

Madison Bonner, Reporter

This year saw a change in assessment day that some people liked while others saw it as pointless.

Due to the PSAT test date changing, the school district was forced to move the assessment day a week earlier in order for the students who needed to take the PSAT.

With schedules changing and creating confusion in students and staff across the district, the day was said to be chaotic for many.

Pam Dunaway, attendance secretary, explained the chaos and madhouse the attendance office was that day due to the changes.

“Day from hell is what it truly was,” Dunaway said.

When the seniors heard their usual outing was cancelled and they had the choice of taking the practice ACT or going to workshops and presentations on life after high school, many chose the option of not coming at all.

Senior attendance on this day was at an all time low of 66 seniors by the end of the day, out of a class of around 550 students.

Madison Williams and Alex Allison, seniors, did not take part in the activities or practice ACT but went out and spent time with friends and enjoyed the day off.

“My friends and I went out for breakfast at the Big Biscuit. Then I went home, got some sleep, and went out again,” Allison said.

However, while most seniors took the day off, some seniors took advantage of the free practice ACT.

Aleyah McMillan, senior, said, “I wanted to practice for the real ACT that I’m taking on Oct. 28 and work on increasing my score a couple points at a time.”

With the change in assessment day this year, new thoughts on how it might be made more productive for seniors rather than skipping have been brought up and are being considered.